For Everything Your Best Friend Does

DogLog makes it easier for you and your family to keep track of your dog’s life, wellness, and activities.

With DogLog:

Prevent accidental double feeding because of miscommunication
Stop worrying if your dog is being taken care of when you’re out of the house
Use analytics to watch out for undesired and alarming trends
Compete with fellow Pack members to take the dog on the most walks
Enjoy the serenity of always knowing how your dog's day is going

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Dog Owners Love DogLog

Great app. Husband and I just got a puppy. Unlike our last ones we can't figure out her poop/pee/eat ratios. This seems like it helps. Adding users to your pack is really helpful as we are on different schedules and can easily track what she's up to! Very useful App! This is a terrific app that really helps families that are all taking care of the same animal.
Catrina M. Elan
This app has been very helpful for me and my wife to log our two dogs’ feeding schedule. Very easy to use and just what we needed! Must try it!! Love the simplicity of the UI, good onboarding, clear iconography, should be highly effective! Started using this afternoon, already helpful to know when the dog ate, peed, pooped, etc.
J.B. Alex M.
We have a large family and this app is exactly what we needed to keep track of our new puppy's care. I love getting notified of how things are going while I'm at work. The information is going to help us develop a schedule for feeding and in future to help us answer questions at vet appointments. Love it! I truly love this app! It helps my boyfriend and I keep track of our puppy’s bathroom and feeding schedule when we are on different schedules. I was searching for an app exactly like this and I am so grateful I found it. I hope future updates make it even better!
Kate H. Kay B.
Great app, allows my SO and I to track all the details regarding care for our pup. The dev is very responsive to feedback and you can't beat the price! A life saver if you have someone else watching your dog at times.
Shaunessy O. Oded B.